Our services

Our main focus is to help small, medium and new companies that can’t afford the cost of maintaining a Digital Marketing team. As a digital marketing agency, we know that effective outsourcing is the most professional and economic solution for companies such as yours. We are experienced, prepared, and great at what we do, that’s why we created Honect – your one-stop marketing team.


We live in a digital world. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers are changing the way businesses communicate and engage with their audiences. Your online presence such as website and social networks plays a vital role in this. Let us help you!

Website Design & Development

The presentation card to your customers. 90% of people who visit your site decide to stay or leave within the first 10 seconds. An intuitive and attractive user interface gives them a reason to stay.
A website should be easy to find, with a responsive design, fast-loading, intuitive to navigate and communicate your company’s products or services in a way that will attract, and retain visitors. Good web design is essential to engage with your customers and make your online marketing strategy work, a bad web design can ruin your image and credibility.
We build any type or size of website which you require, from small custom designed websites to highly advance online stores. We also offer lots of help and advice along the way so don’t worry, we have you covered. Each of our websites utilizes a simple to use content management system, also known as a CMS, and we provide free training on how to manage your website.

Social Media Marketing

In the today’s world, social media represents an exciting new marketing opportunity, in which the relationship between you and your customer is totally direct. A brand is no longer what you tell the consumer – it is what consumers tell each other it is.
Social Media Marketing is the newest evolution of the Web, and will only become more important. For now, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are king, but even now there are other channels to take advantage of and the future will bring more.
It has never been easier to communicate in a direct way with your customers and get to know first hand what they think. This communication is vital to understanding your market, improving your company performance, and most important, adjusting to your customers’ changing needs. Let us help you.
7 out of 10 people say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. What do people think about your company?


A brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company. With effective branding techniques, your customers are much more likely to remember your company, do business with your company, and keep coming back.
In our branding development process, we will identify your brand values and define your unique selling proposition. Through consultation and research, we develop an approach to messaging and a visual language that will create the overall brand identity. Once those elements are in place we can generate creative ideas that will inspire your audience, alter perceptions, change consumer behaviour and deliver genuine business results.
A logo should be unique and adaptable, should properly represent your business idea, and the design should consider the customer segment it speaks to. It should effectively and instantly communicate your company’s values and purpose.
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